Information for MATH 150 students in sections 16, 17, 18, and 19.

Instructor: Peter Salamon

Calculator policy:  Each student is expected to have a calculator capable of graphing functions. The calculator will be needed for some of the quizzes and examinations. It will also be needed for some of the homework problems.

Policy regarding recitation sections (Tuesday & Thursday): These sessions will discuss and supplement homework problems. They will also include quizzes on the same material. Your grade will be computed with and without these quizzes and the maximum of the two grades will be given. This means that taking (or not taking) these quizzes cannot hurt your grade.

Tutoring: The math department and the college of engineering both offer free tutoring for Math 150. The Math department tutoring is offered in BAM 248 according to the schedule shown at

The college of engineering offers the tutoring through the MEP/MSP  program. They take a serious commitment of four hours per week -- any student not meeting this commitment is dropped from the program. For further information see

In addition tutors can be hired privately. The Mathematics Department Office keeps a list of students willing to tutor. There are also countless advertisements on bulletin boards around campus.

Homework assignments and syllabus