Spring 2007 MAPLE commands for MATH 121
Command Meaning Syntax Example
:= is defined to be name := expression; f := x^2;
; end of statement statement; f;
? get help ? keyword ? subs
plot curve plotting plot(expression,variable=range); plot(x^2,x=1..3);
-> defines a function fname:=variable->expression; f:=x->x^2;
solve solve an equation solve(equation,variable); solve(x^2=2,x);
fsolve solve for a decimal value fsolve(equation,variable=range); fsolve(x^2=2,x=1..2);
subs substitute into an expression subs(equation,expression); subs(x=7,x^2);
evalf approximate as a decimal evalf(expression); evalf(sqrt(2));
simplify simplify simplify(expression); simplify(cos(Pi)+1);
diff or Diff differentiate diff(expression,variable); diff(x^2,x);