Information for MATH 241 -- MATLAB

Instructor: Peter Salamon

Don't let the 1 credit hour fool you; this is a full class equivalent to a 3 credit hour class which lasts only 5 weeks.

We will cover (in order) all 6 chapters of Pratrap's book "Getting Started with MATLAB.

Grading is 25% on the homework, 75% on the single exam (take-home) at the end of the course.

Assignment #1: Read Chapter 1 and work through the tutorials in Chapter 2.

Exercise 1: Create a function file that draws a happy face with an input radius for the mouth and for the eyes, smiley(r1,r2). Make the circle for the whole face of radius 10 centered at the origin.

Assignment #2: Read Chapter 3.

Exercise 2: Create a function file that, given two points in the plane p1=[x1,y1] and p2=[x2,y2], outputs a string giving the equation of the line.

Example: linefinder([2,3],[3,4]) should return 'y=x+1'.

Assignment #3:

Exercise 3: Do the math problems in the following pdf file: Math Problems. Submit the answers along with the MATLAB commands and files you used.

Assignment #4: Read Chapter 4.

Exercise 4: Do problems 1, 2, and 5 at the end of chapter 4 of your text. Modify problem 5 to profile your function sine_series from problem 2 rather than the trigseries it asks for.

Final Exam: (pdf).