Information for MATH 241 -- MAPLE

Instructor: Peter Salamon

Don't let the 1 credit hour fool you; this is a full class equivalent to a 3 credit hour class which lasts only 5 weeks.

We will cover (in order) the first 150 pages of Frank Garvan's THE MAPLE BOOK.

Grading is 25% on the homework, 75% on the single exam (take-home) at the end of the course.

A very short list of MAPLE commands to help you get started.



Read the first 2 chapters and try all the commands discussed there.

1. Define an interesting function in a MAPLE worksheet. Plot its graph and find its integral.

2. Make an interesting spreadsheet.

Turn in a printout of these 2 activities next Monday.


Read chapter 3 and try all the commands discussed there.

3. Find all local minima and maxima of f(x)=(x^3-3x^2+2x+1)exp(-x) on [0, 10].


Read chapters 4 and 5 and try all the commands discussed there.

4. Find a closed form, factored formula for the sum of the first n natural numbers raised to the fifth power.

5. Find a completely factored expression for the fifth derivative of x^2*exp(-x^2).

6. Find the integral of exp(-x^2) from minus infinity to infinity.


Click here to download pdf.