Syllabus Math 241/242 Fall 2008


The course will consist of three 5-week modules with content as covered below. The class sessions will be from 2:00-3:15 in room GMCS 428. Attendance is NOT counted in your grade although there will be three in-class exams at the end of each of the five-week modules[1].  Grading is 50% on homework and 50% on the exams. Each homework will be posted online one week before it is due and there will be time during the class/lab sessions to ask questions about how to do the assignments.


The expected output skills for any of the modules of the course are

Numerical examination of a function

Solving transcendental equations

Solving matrix equations


Numerical integration

Numerical ODE’s




Module 1: EXCEL

Class 1: fill commands, conditional statements (Homework)

Class 2: RAND() and simulation revisited

Class 3: functions, graphing, accessing visual basic (Homework)

Class 4: integration and solving ODE’s (Homework)

Class 5: using SOLVER

Class 6: gaining proficiency with calculus in EXCEL

Class 7: defining and using matrices

Class 8: gaining proficiency with linear algebra in EXCEL

Class 9: test 1 --  EXCEL


Module 2: MATLAB

Module 3: MAPLE                                                         More detailed syllabi to follow.


[1] to accommodate students not able to make the 2-3:50 time, I am willing to schedule makeup exams for those students not able to make the normal meeting